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40% rakeback

Bestpoker offers a cashback program where you can earn up to 40% rakeback.

The cashback program is based on Player Points (PPs). You receive 3.6 PPs for every $1 rake. The cashback you receive at the end of the week depends on how many PPs you earned in that week.

LevelRequirementRequired rakeperiodcashback
1150 PPs$41,661 week30%
2200 PPs$55,551 week35%
35000 PPs$1388,881 week37%
410000 PPs$2777,771 week40%

You don’t need to climb the levels. For example, if you generate $60 rake in your first week, you will receive 35% of your $60 rake at the end of the week.

$3000 rake race

On top of the rakeback, Bestpoker offers a $3000 rake race. Top 15 players are paid.